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Randy + Lindsay | Love | Athens, Oh.

No matter how long you’ve been taking portraits, one of the most humbling things in the world is when close friends ask you to shoot the most important day of their lives so far.

Meet Randy and Lindsay. Randy was the best man in my wedding a few years ago. He and my husband, Lin, have been best friends since … well … forever! When Lin and I started dating, he and Lindsay hadn’t gotten together yet. When they did? Well, Lin knew right away (and therefore, so did I) that Randy had found someone special.

Oh yeah,  I didn’t retouch Lindsay’s eyes at all in the pic above. They’re naturally that blue. WHOA.

When they asked me if I’d drive down to Athens (Randy and Lin both graduated from Ohio University), I was thrilled. I’d never spent much time on the OU campus. The fall colors were to die for!

Lin tagged along on this shoot, and it was all I could do to get him and Randy to stop talking. Their conversations were cracking Lindsay up.

Lindsay is shorter than me, which is saying something (I’m only 5’4″), so I asked Lindsay to see if she could kiss Randy if she stood on her tiptoes. Not quite. He had to bend over a little bit.:)

Yeah, and she’s totally standing on a hill to pose for these next ones.:)So cute!

We took a few last photos at the graffiti wall, where students are allowed to spray paint whatever messages they want.

Randy and Lindsay,

I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next summer! It means the world to me that you asked. Thanks for being such great friends to us.


Alex + Alex | Love | Powell, Oh.

I can’t tell you how honored I was when my brother Alex and his fiancee Alexandra asked me to shoot their engagement photos. I can’t believe my brother’s getting married! He’s young enough that I remember when he was born — I’m so glad I’ve gotten to watch his relationship with Alexandra bloom.

Alex and Alex agreed not to kiss until they got engaged, so they’re pretty new to this whole smooching thing.:)My brother is still having a hard time remembering to close his eyes. It’s so cute.

We drove a short ways from my parents’ house in Powell to Glacier Ridge Metro Park for these pictures because Alexandra really wanted to take pictures in a field. The landscape there was just what we were looking for!

Cool story: That quilt top that they’re laying on was made by my grandmother and great grandmother and has never been finished. Isn’t it cheerful?

These kids are a big fan of everything vintage, so they busted out their classiest duds for the second half of our session.

Alexandra, you are gorgeous.

Another cool story: I took this pic of Alex-squared in March.

In September, they bought this antique ring at that very store! Coincidence? (OK, yes, yes it was.)

So, to brag on my brother for a second — he’s the only guy I’ve photographed who didn’t flinch when I asked him if he could dip Alexandra. “I dip her every time she’ll let me.”

Oh, my Alexes, I love you so much! I can’t wait for your wedding… Words fail me when I think about how special you two are to me.



P.S. Want to see some more Alex cuteness? Click here for their slideshow!

Jessica Lynn - Gorgeous photos! I love them!November 8, 2010 – 8:32 am

Alex C. | Solo | Columbus, Oh.

Alex is a senior at Tree of Life Christian, where my mother is a co-director for high school theater. I’ve been doing the makeup there for what feels like forever, so when I started my photography business in the spring, of course I mentioned it to the kids there. Alex, whom I’ve been putting makeup on since she was Brigitta in the Sound of Music, was all about it! And of course, I was all about taking pics of this lovely lady!

That hair! Those eyes! Gorgeous!

We started the afternoon at Hayden Falls Park and moved to James J. Thomas Park a little farther down the Scioto River a little later.

Alex is so fab! She’s going to be playing Kate in the school’s production of Nate the Great next weekend (did anyone else ever read those books as a kid? They were my faves.)

Alex, I had so much fun taking your photos! Enjoy and break a leg in the show next week!



Emily + Kurt | Married | Hamilton, Oh.

Emily and Kurt’s wedding just outside Cincinnati last month was a total blast. I’d talked so much with Emily over the last few months that we felt like fast friends by the time her wedding rolled around.

I adored this bolero Emily wore during the ceremony. It was so dramatic!

And don’t you just dig the bling on this sash? This chick is a fashionista for sure.

Meanwhile, my husband Lin* was hanging out with the guys …

Kurt is a pilot, and most of his groomsmen are pilots, too. I guess those who know how to fly have a special connection, right guys? (Seriously, they’re buddies for life.)

Kurt looks over his vows …

While outside, guests were lining up to sign the “guestbook” by writing their name on a tag and hanging it on one of the branches!

You may remember Emily and Kurt from their perfectly lit engagement session in Oxford near the Miami University campus. Well I’m not sure what it is about this couple, but they seem to attract near perfect weather. Their late-September wedding was a dream!

This little flower girl (Emily’s niece) was too adorable!

Portrait time!

If I’ve taken your picture any time in the past year, I’ve probably confessed to you that one of the things I’d like to get better at is directing and posing. The photo on the right below was one of the first times I really felt it click for me. I was snapping and telling E+K how to move. “Arm around his neck. Kurt, hand on her waist. Dip her, yes! Emily, drop your arm!” SNAP! “WE GOT IT!” There was a crowd standing around us who literally gasped when we got the pose just right. It was so surreal!

Oh, by the way, Emily and her mom did all the bouquets and centerpieces themselves. Crazy, right?

As everyone ate dinner, the light faded outside and I slipped out long enough to snap a few shots of their rings.

This is another one of Emily’s nieces. Too cute! I want to eat those cheeks. NOM NOM NOM.

Emily gave the most touching speech. <3

This was my first time shooting a sparkler exit. It was so much fun!

Emily and Kurt, what can I say? You two are the bomb diggity on toast. I know we’ll be seeing more of each other, and the sooner the better! Thanks for letting me be part of your day.



*Lin’s not always my second shooter. He’s very good, but weddings aren’t his favorite thing to shoot. Helping me out, however, is. 😉

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest - Lisa I love these images :) I love the way you frame your shots and set up the wedding party pics.October 26, 2010 – 10:58 am

Lisa - Thanks, Ali! <3October 27, 2010 – 10:45 pm

Betsy - Love the pics!
I am getting married in the Hamilton area as well, just wondering, what is this location?
Looks like something “private”, it’s stunning!November 5, 2010 – 3:49 pm

Lisa - It’s the Hughes Center in Franklin Township. I can’t find contact info for them online, but I could get it from Emily, if you’re interested. :)November 5, 2010 – 4:04 pm

Lisa - Ope, just found it! 5, 2010 – 4:05 pm

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