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Randy + Lindsay | Love | Athens, Oh.

No matter how long you’ve been taking portraits, one of the most humbling things in the world is when close friends ask you to shoot the most important day of their lives so far.

Meet Randy and Lindsay. Randy was the best man in my wedding a few years ago. He and my husband, Lin, have been best friends since … well … forever! When Lin and I started dating, he and Lindsay hadn’t gotten together yet. When they did? Well, Lin knew right away (and therefore, so did I) that Randy had found someone special.

Oh yeah,  I didn’t retouch Lindsay’s eyes at all in the pic above. They’re naturally that blue. WHOA.

When they asked me if I’d drive down to Athens (Randy and Lin both graduated from Ohio University), I was thrilled. I’d never spent much time on the OU campus. The fall colors were to die for!

Lin tagged along on this shoot, and it was all I could do to get him and Randy to stop talking. Their conversations were cracking Lindsay up.

Lindsay is shorter than me, which is saying something (I’m only 5’4″), so I asked Lindsay to see if she could kiss Randy if she stood on her tiptoes. Not quite. He had to bend over a little bit.:)

Yeah, and she’s totally standing on a hill to pose for these next ones.:)So cute!

We took a few last photos at the graffiti wall, where students are allowed to spray paint whatever messages they want.

Randy and Lindsay,

I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next summer! It means the world to me that you asked. Thanks for being such great friends to us.


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